Internal Exercise Set – Part Six

This is Part Six, the conclusion of the Internal Exercise Set based on Master Haywards Twin-Cities Warm Up’s. If you click on the Label to your left, named Internal Exercise Set, all six parts will be grouped together on one page. Part one will be at the bottom.Lesson 1:The Internal Exercises in these six video clipsare in ‘real time’just follow Sifu as he does the exercises:With as much awareness of your body as you are capable of…..Pay attention to:The point of balance in the middle of you foot (feet)The alignment of your entire body – follow gravity – Be relaxed Balance between Peng expansion energy and Sung releasing, opening, rooting (rubbery – not stiff)Distinguish between the exercises that use the whole body “One unit”and those where you are isolating a particular part or area of you bodyBreath using T’an T’ien breathing (abdominal breathing)Now the real part……..Do them once per day and enjoy Robust Health!

Internal Exercise Set – Part Four

This the fourth part of the Internal Exercise Set based on Master Haywards Twin Cities Warm Ups. I tried to upload a longer segment but I can only upload a 100MB clip! So after 5 or 6 tries this is all I could get to upload.If you look at the ‘labels’ to the left side of the blog. Click on the ‘Internal Exercise Set’ and all the Parts will be grouped together in reverse order with the first Part last on the page. “Practice everyday and do your best” Grand Master T. T. Liang

Internal Exercise Set – Part Two

The second installment of the Internal Exercise Set based on Master Haywards Twin Cities warm ups. This portion of the Set mainly involves stretching the neck, shoulders, arms and back.Lesson 1: Do these exercises daily!with proprioceptive awareness and proper alignmentwith 100 percent concentration on observing and adjustingand a relaxed muscular effortcelebrate when ever thing moves effortlessly and pain free!