American Karate for Adults

American-Okinawan Karate-Do Program (ages 14 and older)

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jrrmas karate staff
Karate Black Belts on the JRRMAS Staff

The American Karate-Do System (AKS) blends two major components, the traditional and the modern.

(1) Traditional – AKS uses traditional Okinawan Isshinryu Katas and techniques. The emphasis in traditional Karate-do is to teach proper body mechanics for power and balance, to condition the body for health and resilience, and to provide an effective platform of techniques for street confrontations. Traditional training is characterized by large stances, a retracted hand position on the hip to train throws and pulls, and is designed for handling multiple opponents or a weapon attack.

The self-defense component of AKS is taught within the framework of an appropriate use of force continuum and is based on Kenpo Karate, Modern Arnis, awareness, and the basic strikes of Isshinryu. At the J. R. Roy Martial Arts Studio, we concentrate on awareness, detection, nonviolent diffusion and, as a last resort, highly effective self-defense tactics.

Sensei Chaisson flying sidekick
Sensei Chaisson’s Flying Sidekick

(2) Modern – All basic techniques and two person drills lead to free-sparring, a safe form of kickboxing practiced with a partner. Kickboxing is characterized by a stance similar to boxing, and features the punches, evasions, and blocks of boxing, along with the kicks and off-balancing techniques found in martial arts. It is performed most often against one opponent and always in a highly supervised setting.

Free-sparring at the J. R. Roy Martial Arts Studio allows light, controlled contact to the front of the body, and no contact to the groin, legs, throat and back. Controlled non-contact techniques are allowed to the head. The sparring aspect of AKS offers a safe and exciting cardiovascular workout. It is ideal for the person looking for a well-rounded exercise program–with the added benefit of effective self-defense training.

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American Okinawan Karate-Do Pictures:

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 self defense class western massachusetts  Skyler's Round House Kick  Chaisson-mobility-throw-jrroy-martial-arts-greenfield-MA

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