Bagua Zhang

Bagua Master Fu Cheng Sung
Bagua Master Fu Cheng Sung

Advanced Program.

Bagua Zhang is an internal martial art (martial qigong) for health and self defense which specializes in circular movement.

Bagua Zhang is an ancient traditional form of Chinese internal/external Martial Art. Bagua refers to the Eight Trigrams (Ba-Gua, shown below); Zhang means Palm. Bagua Zhang is one of the three major internal styles of Chinese martial arts. It is more vigorous and physically demanding than its sister arts T’ai Chi Ch’uan and Qigong.

Truly a revolutionary Art for both the internal student seeking martial application and physical conditioning, and the external student wanting increased power and relaxation for more effective martial art applications.The forms and postures incorporate low squatting stances and specialize in twisting and turning of the waist, inguinal fold, legs, and arms.Bagua Zhang is perfect for the student seeking a demanding physical and mental challenge.

Bagua Martial Art Symbol



Is excellent for overall health and well being

Reduces stress

Reduces blood pressure

Calms and centers the mind

Develops a strong root

Is an effective form of self-defense

Strengthens the legs, spine and waist

Increases blood circulation

Corrects poor posture

Improves balance

Is good for wrist and hand problems

And is a lot of fun!

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