About J.R. Roy Martial Arts

J.R. Roy Martial Arts Studio LogoSince the opening of our school in 1972, the objective of J. R. Roy Martial Arts has been to combine excellent instruction with diligent practice.

We have enriched your community and elevated countless students through internal and external martial arts.

A full-time Martial Arts instructor since 1975, for decades Master Roy and his highly experienced staff have searched out the most reputable teachers to study under. While honoring the integrity of each martial art taught in the school, our seasoned instructors enrich each art — and your instruction — with their practice of the other martial arts.

The result is that J. R. Roy Martial Arts is a true institute, offering world-class instruction suited for all kinds of people and fitness levels, from children to young athletes to older adults.

You learn:

  1. To use internal power and grace to inform practical application.
  2. To cultivate strength, flexibility, confidence, serenity, and health — without the tedium of gym routines.
  3. To balance concentration and relaxation, while stimulating new neural pathways in the mind and energy flows in the body.

Current martial arts professionals or aspiring martial arts teachers, ask about enrolling in our Professional Program to study the complete J. R. Roy System, which includes both internal and external training for health and self-defense.

“I highly recommend the J. R. Roy Martial Arts studio. It is a hidden gem where tradition, the art of respect, and strength of spirit are taught daily. As a student, the dojo is a safe haven to practice martial arts, grow as a practitioner, and be a part of a community of strength and peace. The staff at J. R. Roy Martial Arts, with their unparalleled care for student’s safety and personal growth, is uncommon. It is a place of trust. I am so thankful for this space and the dedication of the staff and fellow students.”
— Linda

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Karate, T’ai Chi Ch’uan, Modern Arnis, Qigong, Bagua Zhang
J. R. Roy Martial Arts ~ Since 1972