American-Okinawan Karate-Do for Children

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For ages 7-13


“Every moment we spend with the young
people in our lives is time well spent” — Sifu J. R. Roy

In a relaxed, focused and highly supervised environment, children are challenged by the physical and mental self-discipline found in martial arts practice. Our teaching stresses respect for ourselves and others, nonviolence, compassion, and tolerance. Our classes explore practical methods for resolving conflicts nonviolently. We encourage independent thinking, creativity, hard work, and communication. We stress the importance of applying oneself with maximum effort towards a goal.

The J. R. Roy Martial Arts Studio specializes in teaching the Art of Karate-Do that exists beyond kicking and punching. We deliver a complete social education of the whole child, with amazing results for the student’s self-esteem and confidence. The belt ranking system of white belt through black belt is truly a rite of passage.

Ask a friend or neighbor about our school; 
our reputation is well known.

Youth American Okinawan Karate-Do Pictures:

 Tristen-mobility-throw-franklin-county    teen karate sparring western ma
 karate class for children greenfieldchildren karate class western mass  mike-assists-whitebelt-snapkick  youth side kick jrroy martial artschild karate stretching
 youth karate sparring instruction  child karate jumping kick  police martial arts lecture greenfield ma
 boy horse stance test jrroy martial arts  children street defense class  safe stretching in youth karate
karate for girls western mass youth karate training boy flying side kick greenfield ma
boys practicing martial arts boy karate roundhouse kick boy karate school test

Karate, T’ai Chi Ch’uan, Modern Arnis, Qigong, Bagua Zhang
J. R. Roy Martial Arts ~ Since 1972