Modern Arnis

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Professor Remy A. Presas, Modern Arnis
Professor Remy A. Presas (1936-2001)

Modern Arnis is a practical form of Filipino Martial Art developed by the late Grandmaster Remy A. Presas. The art excels in real life self-defense, and is both fun to practice and easy to learn–though, like all true martial arts, it takes years to master.

Modern Arnis blends the best elements of Filipino Jujitsu, Karate, and stick & knife fighting into a brilliantly conceived, versatile and effective martial art. Modern Arnis uses single and double 28″ rattan canes, and translates the techniques to the open hand. Students learn a fascinating variety of stick, knife, empty hand, and grappling techniques such as: blocks and disarm counters and reversals, sweeps and throws, ground control techniques, joint locks, flow drills, sinawalis, and cane sparring. Techniques are taught with single person twirling, two person drills and sparring, and kata application.

Cheri demonstrates the backwards throw takedown at a recent evening class

We welcome martial artists of all styles and skill levels as well as the student with no experience. Modern Arnis stands alone as a complete martial art system, yet its techniques work to enhance the effectiveness of any art.

Sifu Roy is authorized to teach Modern Arnis by the late Grand Master Remy A. Presas. Master Roy studied with Grand Master Remy Presas from 1986 to Presas’ death in 2001. He was promoted to 5th Degree Lakan (Black Belt) by Professor Presas in May of 1997. Master Roy directed the Annual East Coast 4-day Summer Training Conference from 1989 through 2001.

Modern Arnis Pictures

 phil-rob-sinawali-arnis-class  mike-kratz-sinawali-western-mass  master presas class arnis greenfield ma
 modern arnis class jrroy martial arts  master roy teaching arnis  modern arnis judges greenfield ma
j r roy martial arts arnis students female arnis instructor greenfield mass luke-phil-stick-demo
 arnis self defense take down  arnis stick disarm class greenfield  sifu roy arnis black belt instruction
 sifu roy arnis black belt instruction
 teaching-arnis-baston-stick-jrroy-greenfield  sifu roy arnis yantok instruction
 modern arnis bankaw training western mass  arnis bankaw training greenfield-mass  arnis martial art training pioneer valley

Modern Arnis East Coast Summer Camp pictures and Modern Arnis seminar photographs

 Training Camp IN Modern for Arnis  Intensive Arnis Seminar Students  Modern Arnis Summer Camp
 Group Training Camp for Arnis  Remy Presas Arnis Camp  Modern Arnis Week Students
Modern Arnis Training Camp Modern-Arnis-Seminar Remy Presas Arnis Seminar

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