Our Martial Arts Store

We are a Century Martial Arts Authorized Retailer

A sample of what we carry in stock includes:

  • Karate Uniforms, student weight and 100% cotton in white and black
  • Protective sparring gear in foam and cloth
  • Wooden practice weapons: T’ai Chi straight sword, broad sword, staffs
  • Spring steel T’ai Chi straight swords
  • Rattan Arnis and Escrima canes and carrying bags
  • Foam striking pads, body shields, and blockers
  • Martial Arts clothing and decor
  • Books, audio tapes, and other training aids

Store hours are by appointment.

Karate, T’ai Chi Ch’uan, Modern Arnis, Qigong, Bagua Zhang
J. R. Roy Martial Arts ~ Since 1972