Private Lessons with Master Roy

About the Founder, Master Roy
( [email protected] )

Master Roy in Standing Meditation at Hiles, New Smyrna Beach, FL.
Master Roy in Standing Meditation at Hiles, New Smyrna Beach, FL.

Master Roy (students call him Sifu [See-Fu]) has been a full time martial arts teacher and school owner for over 45 years. He started his study of eastern philosophy and meditation in the 1960’s and continues today. He is a 7th generation Disciple in Yang Style Tai Chi Ch’uan (June 30, 2001), an 8th degree Black belt in American Karate (2009), 5th degree Black belt in Modern Arnis (1997), and master teacher of Bagua Zhang, I Ch’uan, and several styles of Qigong.

Master Roy has been a lifelong musician, playing drum set and bass guitar in bands, and more recently he’s taken up guitar. His long term, consistent musical practice has influenced the way he approaches and practices martial arts. An avid underwater photographer (, he also enjoys motorcycling, sailing, down hill skiing, traveling, and hanging out with his wife Ginnie and his two fabulous grandkids.

Master Roy offers lessons in the complete J. R. Roy Martial Arts System:

      • American Karate
      • Modern Arnis
      • Yang Style T’ai Chi Ch’uan
      • Standing Meditation (I Ch’uan)
      • Warm ups:
        • The 10 Exercises – Dr Leung Kay-Chi
        • The 30 warm ups – Sifu Hayward
      • Several methods of Qigong:
        • The 21- Tai Chi Qigong
        • Wuji Hundan Qigong
        • Wild Goose Qigong
        • Walking Qigong
      • Weapons forms:
        • Cane
        • Straight Sword (Jian)
        • Single Sabre
        • Double Sabre
        • 6′ Staff
        • Spear
        • Double Daggers
      • Bagua Zhang


During winter months Nov-April, in New Smyrna Beach, Florida, meeting at Hiles Avenue parking lot (on A1a, South Atlantic Avenue, near Mi Mexico Restaurant), then training on the beach. Click for Google Map.

During the summer months May-Oct, in Greenfield Massachusetts, meeting at the J.R. Roy Martial Arts Studio or at Master Roy’s home in Leyden, MA.


      • 1 hour session – sliding scale – $50-$75
      • $50 for every hour thereafter


        • JRRMAS Staff – 50%
        • For currently enrolled JRRMAS students – 10% off
        • College student rate – $30 per hour

Inquire & Join

Contact Master Roy at [email protected] ,
or leave a message at the Greenfield Studio at (413) 774-2888.