Bagua Zhang circle walking

Bagua Zhang, Walking in the Snow….From one of Sifu’s recent Bagua Zhang practices.

An advanced circle walking exercise he learned from Master Zhang Jie using two circles inside a larger one.

There is a specific path to follow with each foot placement directed by the mind, aware of direction, number of steps and whether it’s a hook or swing step. Amazing results from this type of practice for health, meditation and martial arts skill.

10 Execises #10

Here is the final installment #10 of 10. Please refer to the “10 Exercises #1” post for some history and comments on these truly marvelous exercises. If you click on the Label “10 Exercises” on the left, all 10 exercises will be grouped together on one page.The 10 Exercises are required material in the American Karate-do (youth and adults), Little Dragons and Bagua Zhang programs. Thank you Master Leung Kay-Chi for sharing them with me all those years ago [Bow].Lesson 1:Learn them, commit them to memory,continue to refine them,then, do them daily…..

10 Exercises #1

At a recent Bagua Zhang class Sifu leads the group through the ’10 Exercises’.I learned this set from Master Leung Kay-Chi in the park in Boston during the summer of 1979, when I first started to study Bagua Zhang.These 10 Exercises are shot in real time (with 10 repetitions each exercise) and will be published one per post. This is the first of ten posts: #1 Exercise, nine more posts to come. I have a number of variations that I use for the various martial arts and classes that I teach. This particular set of posts will be the originals (as I remember them) that I learned from Master Leung.Many thanks to Master Leung for sharing these very special exercises with me all those years ago. I’ve been practicing them regularly now for three decades and have taught them a few thousand times. I have seen excellent results, especially for those that have practiced them regularly (daily), over an extended period of time (decades). Lesson 1:The 10 Exercises are excellent calisthenics! Do 100 repetitions each and see what I mean!!They are also an excellent set of Qigong exercises….With T’an T’ien Breathing..Do them slowly with mind intention…They will help you to develop correct inner and outer principles and feelingsthat lead to excellent martial arts skills, balance and whole body power!They will help you to cultivate robust health: A strong, flexible, coordinated body and….. a calm and centered mind……

Joint Locking, how to practice it safely and have it contribute to health maintainance

JRRMAS Staff member JK assists Sifu in an explanation of how to correctly practice Joint Lock’s.Lesson 1:These practices can injure your joints if not practiced properly, Always practice with respect for each others range of motion limitations. Injury is guaranteed if you practice to quickly and use too much external muscular force….Instead, concentrate on the exactness of your fulcrum and lever…. and proper body positioning, listening skills and leverage. Speed is good…..up until the point where the slack is taken out of their jointthen you must go slowly giving them time to ‘slap out’Going slowly at the point that the joint lock is ‘activated’ ……will gradually increase the strength and the range of movement in the jointThen instead of injuring the jointsthey are slowly being strengthened and stretched!Sifu

Bagua Zhang, 1st Yin Fu Set, Change #3

Sifu and JRRMAS Staff members BL and WF practice the third change in the first Yin Fu Set.Lesson 1:Because Bagua Zhang is moving meditation with a focus on correct body mechanics,T’an T’ien breathing The mind is controlling the bodies movements, with low single leg squats for strength and flexibility and standing on one leg for balancetwisting the limbs and trunk for circulation.With all of the ‘principles of Bagua Zhang’ that are going on simultaneously, regular DAILY practice of Bagua Zhang WILL: improve and maintain your overall health and well being!You will become Stronger (in your overall constitution), more apt to be Centered (especially in high stress situations) Calmer in your approach to everyday life More apt to have a positive attitude in general and especially towards life little surprises!Sifu