Joint Locking, how to practice it safely and have it contribute to health maintainance

JRRMAS Staff member JK assists Sifu in an explanation of how to correctly practice Joint Lock’s.Lesson 1:These practices can injure your joints if not practiced properly, Always practice with respect for each others range of motion limitations. Injury is guaranteed if you practice to quickly and use too much external muscular force….Instead, concentrate on the exactness of your fulcrum and lever…. and proper body positioning, listening skills and leverage. Speed is good…..up until the point where the slack is taken out of their jointthen you must go slowly giving them time to ‘slap out’Going slowly at the point that the joint lock is ‘activated’ ……will gradually increase the strength and the range of movement in the jointThen instead of injuring the jointsthey are slowly being strengthened and stretched!Sifu