Bagua Zhang 1st Yin Fu Set, Change #2

JRRMAS Staff members BL and WF along with Sifu demonstrate the First Yin Fu Set, Change #2 on both sides, with 8 steps (Lion Stepping) in between the Changes. Lesson:Note that the beginning and end of Change #2 is identical to Change #1 Change #1 is the Foundation for Change #2which is the Foundation for…..and so on…..Whenever you are able to notice the ‘common denominators’ to multiple movements;Apply more significance to those!If they are in-common to the majority of the postures/gestures…… Then you are practicing more than one posture More than the posture that you are currently working on….If your able to ‘see’ the aspects that are common to all postures…..The PrinciplesThe ‘yield’ from your practices will quadruple!Sifu