Bagua Zhang, 1st Yin Fu Set, Change #3

Sifu and JRRMAS Staff members BL and WF practice the third change in the first Yin Fu Set.Lesson 1:Because Bagua Zhang is moving meditation with a focus on correct body mechanics,T’an T’ien breathing The mind is controlling the bodies movements, with low single leg squats for strength and flexibility and standing on one leg for balancetwisting the limbs and trunk for circulation.With all of the ‘principles of Bagua Zhang’ that are going on simultaneously, regular DAILY practice of Bagua Zhang WILL: improve and maintain your overall health and well being!You will become Stronger (in your overall constitution), more apt to be Centered (especially in high stress situations) Calmer in your approach to everyday life More apt to have a positive attitude in general and especially towards life little surprises!Sifu