Wudang Sword basics – Lazy D

Sifu and JRRMAS Staff practice a Wudang Sword basic – The Lazy DLesson 1:Practicing lines of basics is a long tradition in Martial ArtsMost modern Forms were born out of such practices After decades of practicing the basicsThe Master would string together a series of his/her favorite basics,in a specific order,to create a new FormLesson 2:Basics in Martial Arts are like the scales and rudiments that a dedicated musician practices,Through these basic practices, musicians develop the knowledge, technique and facility needed to play Songs.Depending on the type of music this can be a long process.The amount of time and effort, needed to reach a level of musicianship, to play jazz and classical music is considerable. One would need a complete knowledge of all fundamentals and have a regular practice in place.Internal Arts like T’ai Chi and Bagua are the Jazz and Classical music of Martial ArtsLesson 3:The Lazy D uses six energies: Cross or InterceptCoilPress DownPalm Up or Palm Down Slice

How to teach a young student to tie a Karate belt

This is a method that Sifu has developed to teach young Karate-do students how to correctly tie a Karate (or Arnis) belt. This method allows the young student to see the belt being tied and also to participate in the tying. Encourage the student to participate and tell them when it’s being tied correctly. Lesson 1:The main goal in teaching is always the same……..the student learns to become independent of the teacher!

10 Execises #10

Here is the final installment #10 of 10. Please refer to the “10 Exercises #1” post for some history and comments on these truly marvelous exercises. If you click on the Label “10 Exercises” on the left, all 10 exercises will be grouped together on one page.The 10 Exercises are required material in the American Karate-do (youth and adults), Little Dragons and Bagua Zhang programs. Thank you Master Leung Kay-Chi for sharing them with me all those years ago [Bow].Lesson 1:Learn them, commit them to memory,continue to refine them,then, do them daily…..