Wudang Sword basics – Lazy D

Sifu and JRRMAS Staff practice a Wudang Sword basic – The Lazy DLesson 1:Practicing lines of basics is a long tradition in Martial ArtsMost modern Forms were born out of such practices After decades of practicing the basicsThe Master would string together a series of his/her favorite basics,in a specific order,to create a new FormLesson 2:Basics in Martial Arts are like the scales and rudiments that a dedicated musician practices,Through these basic practices, musicians develop the knowledge, technique and facility needed to play Songs.Depending on the type of music this can be a long process.The amount of time and effort, needed to reach a level of musicianship, to play jazz and classical music is considerable. One would need a complete knowledge of all fundamentals and have a regular practice in place.Internal Arts like T’ai Chi and Bagua are the Jazz and Classical music of Martial ArtsLesson 3:The Lazy D uses six energies: Cross or InterceptCoilPress DownPalm Up or Palm Down Slice

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