Youth Karate Rank Testing – Thursday Sept. 20, 2012

Bottom row left to right:
Hannah (promoted with honorable mention in kata), Tristen, Tucker to Blue Belt, Simon and Jasmine to Yellow Belt and Ryan to Blue Belt
Standing left to right:
Sensei Kratz (6th dan), Skyler to Purple Belt, Sifu Roy (8th dan), Gianna to Purple Belt,
 Ms. Golrick (2nd dan)

Two happy new Yellow Belts:
Simon and Jasmine

Congratulations to Lily and Scott on their promotion to probationary Black belt Saturday August 27

Promoted to probationary Black belt:

Lily Serrentino – with Honorable Mention for Teaching
Scott Miner – with Honorable Mention Overall

Back row standing left to right current American Karate System Black Belt Staff:
Teryn Citino (1st degree), Sensei’s Milcarek, Kratz, Sifu Roy, Sensei’s Sullivan, Reid, Colleen Golrick (2nd degree) and Sensei Chaisson.

Front row left to right:

Newly promoted probationary Black belts Scott Miner and Lily Serrentino

Adult American Karate-do rank evaluation Thursday May 24, 2012

Promoted bottom row left to right:

Scott Miner – 1st Kyu, Brown belt III (Honorable Mention for Kata) – Jack Fox, 3rd Kyu, Brown belt I – Simon Van Barren, Brown belt – Simon Armen, 7th Kyu, Yellow belt

Standing back row left to right:

Sensei Angus Reid, Black belt III – Sensei Jason Kratz, Black belt VI – Teryn Citino, Black belt I, – Sifu J. R. Roy Black belt VIII – Dennis Gobiel, Black belt I – Sensei Jeff Chaisson, Black belt III – Colleen Golrick, Black belt II

Absolutely awesome American Karate rank testing this evening…wow!

Front row: Peter, (Green belt, honorable mention basics), Lana (Purple belt), Thomas (third degree Brown belt), Colleen (prob. Black belt, honorable mention kata), Mrs. Gobiel
Back row: Sensei Kratz, Mr. Gobiel, Mr. Levesque, Andrew (Blue belt), Scott (second degree Brown belt, honorable mention in all areas), Mr. Milcarek, Teryn (double promotion to prob. Black belt), Ian (Green belt, honorable mention sparring), Mr. Reed, Mr. Chaisson, Sifu Roy
Congratulations to Colleen on her promotion to prob. Black belt. She also received an honorable mention for kata….Incredible forms Colleen. 
Also congratulations to Teryn for his double promotion from second degree Brown belt to prob. Black belt……excellent skill and consistency throughout Teryn.
Scott also had incredible consistency throughout the test…from basics to sparring, SD to kata’s…..excellent skill Scott
Peter really rose to the occasion with his first testing with the adult group…really held his own. His basics were outstanding!
Ian was a force to reckon with during the sparring….great poise, distancing was second to none, and fast, fast hands…great cross Ian!
This was the A group all around…from the lower ranks to the upper ranks …everyone did outstanding! Congratulations to all…..

Congratulations to Sensei (Mr. Kratz) on his promotion to 6th Dan “Sensei”!!

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Mrs. Gobiel, Alexis D., Sifu, Peter D. and Sensei
Semsei (Mr. Kratz) at his best…mentoring and guiding….a good example is Peter D. to his right…I watched Sensei with him this past Thursday….Wow! And then the other students he worked with, the classes he led…again…Wow!! Leadership like that is hard to come by….Congratulations Sensei!