Modern Arnis, Anyo Tatlo, Empty Hand Form 3

Sifu practices Modern Arnis’s Empty hand form 3 Lesson 1:Modern Arnis is truly a remarkable Martial Art!It combined the Soft and the Hard,the Internal and the External,the straight and the curved.It flows but is punctuated with strength! Lesson 2:Modern Arnis is relaxed, then strengthens when it issues then it returns to relaxed again…..In order to be prepared:to flow, to follow, to control,to be ready,to issue again! Example:The checking hand of a Modern Arnis adept has a very heavy feeling. When practicing Trapping Hands, the checking hand strikes (stregthens), it does not push, but rather it relaxes after impact and listens, in order to flow, follow, control and then position to strike again.”The live hand seeks the path” Prof. Presas

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