American Karate-Do, Youth Class Stretching

Youth Karate-Do student RH looks good as he demonstrates the flexability that he has earned as a White Belt. He is preparing for his Yellow Belt Testing.


One of the most important things to develop
as a younger practitioner
is a full stretch…..
it will help you
you want to do in life…..
and will help you to stay
and pain free!!

Young or old…
Don’t neglect the

American Karate-Do, Youth Class, Jump Rear Leg Roundhouse Kick

Youth Karate-Do student PD demonstrates Jumping Rear Leg Roundhouse Kick for the group.Lesson:With ‘Jing’ in the legsJump straight upin the air,turn waist 180 degrees….keep kicking leg chambered until the very endrelease the lower leg….. right before impactland softlybe prepared to:follow uporblock their counter….

Modern Arnis – Punyo Passing on right side

Punyo (butt end of the stick) Passing is an integral part of the advanced two person drill”Tapi Tapi” (counter their counter) The Sweep Stroke allows you enter into the correct distance, while controlling their weapon……and positions you to be able to counter their counter (Tapi Tapi)Stealing the ‘Time”…..Stay one step ahead of them!This drill develops….awareness and sensitivity through the stickcontrol and timingand ‘The Flow’now justrepeatand repeatYour skill will improve steadily….with Time and Correct Effort!

Youth American Karate-Do Class – practicing #9 exercise (variation)

The Youth Karate-Do class practicing the #9 exercise from the 10 exercises. This is a variation that combines several postures (and variations) from the Ba Ji set of 8 Stances.Lesson:Balance on one legSquatting down on the same legneeds strength and flexibilityrise up and issue from the same legbe clear about the ‘line’ of powerthrough your entire bodyfrom rear footto palm strike’whole body power’issue from the ground…leg to waistspine to armout into the Universe!

Bagua Zhang 1st Yin Fu Set, Change #2

JRRMAS Staff members BL and WF along with Sifu demonstrate the First Yin Fu Set, Change #2 on both sides, with 8 steps (Lion Stepping) in between the Changes. Lesson:Note that the beginning and end of Change #2 is identical to Change #1 Change #1 is the Foundation for Change #2which is the Foundation for…..and so on…..Whenever you are able to notice the ‘common denominators’ to multiple movements;Apply more significance to those!If they are in-common to the majority of the postures/gestures…… Then you are practicing more than one posture More than the posture that you are currently working on….If your able to ‘see’ the aspects that are common to all postures…..The PrinciplesThe ‘yield’ from your practices will quadruple!Sifu

American Karate-Do, Crescent step, block and punch drill

JRRMAS Staff member JK leads the adult Karate-Do group in classical basics (retracting hand going to the hip for the rear elbow strike) Lesson:Crescent step…feet come close togetherto protect the groinwhile advancing forwardat the moment the rear footshuffles to the new Seisan Stance Focus your Reverse Punch (classical vertical punch from the rear side)or focus your blockThen Reverse PunchAt either end of the Studio Triangle Stepto turn around with power.This drill builds dynamic root and stability, coordination and basic mind/body connections needed for Martial Arts and overall neurological conditioning. Rows of basic stepping, blocking, puching/kicking and turning are an intergral part of many Styles of Martial Arts…’s the foundation of the Kata’s and the basis for more advanced practices.Sifu

T’ai Chi Ch’uan Solo Form Part Two

Sifu and the morning class demonstrate part two of the T’ai Chi Ch’uan Solo Form, from Cross Hands up to and including Wave Hands Like Clouds. (I’ll be posting the entire form in 6 parts)
Lesson: It’s the adherence to the ‘principles’ described in the T’ai Chi Classics (Jings) that makes it T’ai Chi Ch’uan, not merely moving slowly.
We move slowly to allow enough time to adjust the postures and the transition, in order to ‘infuse’ them with the ‘principles’ and to help us Meditatewith our minds focused on our breath we adhere to the principles eventually….we achieve the correct ‘feeling’ …and finally we forget about all that and just dance with the universe!Sifu