American Karate-Do, Crescent step, block and punch drill

JRRMAS Staff member JK leads the adult Karate-Do group in classical basics (retracting hand going to the hip for the rear elbow strike) Lesson:Crescent step…feet come close togetherto protect the groinwhile advancing forwardat the moment the rear footshuffles to the new Seisan Stance Focus your Reverse Punch (classical vertical punch from the rear side)or focus your blockThen Reverse PunchAt either end of the Studio Triangle Stepto turn around with power.This drill builds dynamic root and stability, coordination and basic mind/body connections needed for Martial Arts and overall neurological conditioning. Rows of basic stepping, blocking, puching/kicking and turning are an intergral part of many Styles of Martial Arts…’s the foundation of the Kata’s and the basis for more advanced practices.Sifu