American Karate-Do – Self Defense Technique – Def. Ag. single lapel grab

Students LS and SG practice a Self-Defense Technique based on movements from Nihanchi Kata. It’s a defense against a single lapel grab. Lesson 1:After trying to break the holdLS needs to soften the opponent with an angle kick to knee/shinShe then follows up with a back fist/hammer fistThen backs up with a defensive hand positionasses the situation and escapes!

American Karate-Do – Self Defense Technique – The Lever

Studetns LS and SG practice the second Self-Defense Technique, The Lever. Lesson 1:This is an medium escalated version of the leverdefending against single lapel grab with a straight arm. There is a de-escalated version with no counter attack and a more escalated version with multiple counters ending in a take down or throwLesson 2:In a potential Self-Defense situationasses the amount of force you need to defend yourself with the use of force continuum in mind. It’s always better to avoid physical conflict whenever possible and to use the least amount of force necessary to subdue the attacker to allow you enough time to escape.

American Karate-Do – Self Defense Technique – Crash of the Eagle

Students LS and SG practice Crash of the Eagle, a defense against a rear shoulder grab or push. This is first required self-defense technique for rank in the American Karate-Do system in it’s medium ‘escalated’ form with a single back fist/hammer fist counter attack. It’s more escalated form would have multiple counter attacks ending in a take down or throw.Lesson 1:In Crash of the Eagles ‘de-escalated’ form students first learn to step forward, turn quickly to face the attacker and with a descending elbow, break the hold (or regain balance from a push), then, withought countering, but with awareness, simply ……step away from the attacker with your hands up in front of your face, palms out, fingers spread, projecting a peaceful (but secretively defensive) hand position then to look for a means of escape……….then……ESCAPE!Lesson 2:The sole purpose of self-defense is to ESCAPE!