American Karate-Do – Self Defense Technique – Crash of the Eagle

Students LS and SG practice Crash of the Eagle, a defense against a rear shoulder grab or push. This is first required self-defense technique for rank in the American Karate-Do system in it’s medium ‘escalated’ form with a single back fist/hammer fist counter attack. It’s more escalated form would have multiple counter attacks ending in a take down or throw.Lesson 1:In Crash of the Eagles ‘de-escalated’ form students first learn to step forward, turn quickly to face the attacker and with a descending elbow, break the hold (or regain balance from a push), then, withought countering, but with awareness, simply ……step away from the attacker with your hands up in front of your face, palms out, fingers spread, projecting a peaceful (but secretively defensive) hand position then to look for a means of escape……….then……ESCAPE!Lesson 2:The sole purpose of self-defense is to ESCAPE!