Modern Arnis – Slap off and re-grab drill

Sifu and JRRMAS staff member LS practice the Modern Arnis counter the counter, slap off and re-grab drillLesson 1:The attacker (LS) strikes with one of the 12 angles of attack, Sifu block, checks and counters the original attack,The attacker stops the counter with their ‘live hand’,either on the inside or the outside of the fore arm (Sifu’s)Then Sifu will either’slap off’ then….. re-counter from the same side or’re-grab’ then….. re-counter from the same side Lesson 2:A central theme in Modern Arnis is to ‘Counter the Counter’: ‘Tapi Tapi’…..infinitely….until you steal their time and achieve a superior body position, Until you find or create the opening allowing you to successfully Counter their Counter!Lesson 3:This is an excellent drill for skill acquisition!

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