T’ai Chi Ch’uan Dance, Part Two, Issuing Side

JRRMAS Staff member LB and Sifu demonstrate Part Two of Master T. T. Liangs ‘Tai-Chi Dance’.Master Liang compiled several methods of pushing-hands, Da-Lu’s (big roll back) and various applications from the many Masters that he trained with throughout his career, to develop the “Dance”. Each individual ‘drill’ has specific ‘energies’ and skills that need to be developed independently through repetitive practice. Practicing the entire ‘Dance’ sequence is more for demonstration and cataloging of the information. But to truly develop the energies and skills the practitioner needs to stay with one idea and practice it repeatedly with correct principles and feeling. The Dance has 176 moves on each side and of course like with everything, there is the right and the left side. In this short clip Sifu is demonstrating the ‘issue’ side of Part Two and LB is demonstrating the ‘receiving’ side. We are consciously pausing slightly at each intersection …in reality it should be practiced more smoothly.The listening skills (Tien Jing) that can be gained by practicing the Dance drills are incredible. Listening through the touch/contact point….and eventually being able to ‘see’ everything about them. “I know you and I know myself…..you don’t know me, you also, don’t know yourself”Traditional saying

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