Modern Arnis Single Sinawalli

Two JRRMAS Modern Arnis Staff members, PR (Black Belt Candidate) and LS (Second Degree Black Belt) practice a double stick drill called ‘Single Sinawalli’ recently at our regular Wed. 6:45-8:15 class NOTE: The public is always welcome at any of our classes. Check out the schedule at JRRoy.comAll Modern Arnis Black Belts train FREE every Wed. evening at JRRMAS – email me for details!Lesson:Notice how they startSlowlythen, they progress in speed until they becomeStiff or Tensethen…. They return to a more relaxed speedBefore….they again return to ‘max’ speed and so on…..from slow to fast, fast to slowjust likepracticing drum rudiments or scalesOnce it tenses up…..try your best to relax at that new speed if you can’tyour finishedSo return to a speed that you CAN relax inThenDo it again!!Practicing for speedIt’s all the same………………….Tension is the opponent!

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