6 year old practices Single Sinawalli

Sifu and his 6 year old (he is now 7) Grandson DR practice Modern Arnis’ Single Sinawalli with padded sticks, before the Youth Karate-Do class. Besides stick work DR has been exposed to the Jian (double edged straight sword) and the Broadsword. He very much enjoys the weapons practices with Sifu.Lesson 1:When teaching younger students weapons…The practice always starts and ends with respect!The weapons should be fun …but it’s NOT play time…..The practices should be formal and with a qualified teacherYounger students should learns to hit weapon to weapon first..NOT weapon to body! Lesson 2:Correct weapons training will greatly speed up the training process of your empty hand techniques,proper relaxation and whole body power. It will help to strengthen you hands, wrists, arms and shoulders…..it will also help to keep the joints moving properly with good flexibility and range of motion. Lesson 3:Weapons training is an excellent addition to an overall health maintenance program as it will help to keep your hands, wrists, elbows and shoulders strong and flexible. Grand Master T. T. Liang was still able to write calligraphy when he was well over 100 years old and was still practicing double Dao (Broadsword) and Jian (double edged straight sword) forms well into his 90’s! He still remains such an inspiration!