T’ai Chi Ch’uan Dance, Part Three, Receiving Side

Sifu and JRRMAS Staff member BL practice Grand Master T. T. Liang’s T’ai-Chi Dance. Sifu is on the receiving side of Part ThreeLesson 1:When practicing, at first go slowly,Concluding your gestures with your whole body ONE unit!pausing slightly as you synchronize your movementsas the Yin/Yang flow and exchangeThe Dance is truly marvelous and infiniteas you learn to SEE with your touch,and not merely your eyes!Lesson 2:The eye is easy to fool, but to fool the touch of a T’ai Chi Ch’uan Master, is very difficult, indeed!Once you know the ‘sequence’ of a solo or two person set, then try practicing with your eyes closed. Remember to meditate on the principles, your balance point and your breathing!Practicing with your eyes closed is an excellent way to practice anything from solo forms to Trapping Hands and Chasing Hands, as well as any of the Pushing Hands and Da Lu variations.

T’ai Chi Ch’uan Dance. Part One, Receiving Side

JRRMAS Staff member BL and Sifu practice Grand Master T. T. Liangs two person “T’ai-Chi Dance”. Grand Master Liang combined numerous drills and applications from the many Masters that he trained with to develop this very unique and advanced sensitivity training method with 176 movements on each side. Part 1 of the Dance is the Yang families ‘Da Lu’ or big Roll Back.