Modern Arnis, Mobility Throw, following up with standing Goose Neck Lock

Sifu and JRRMAS Staff member PR slowly demonstrate an empty hand application from Single Sinnawalli.With a jab feed Sifu blocks and strikes the ear using Single Sinawalli positioning. Then Sifu’s right hand is controlling PR’s head and Sifu’s left arm is controlling PR’s attacking arm as he flows into a Mobility Throw. Sifu follows up once PR’s on the ground with a Goose Neck Wrist Lock for control. (If the arm resists bending then a standing or lying arm bar can be used) Sifu then uses a Motorcycle Lock on the thumb and pinkie finger to bring PR up to a standing position then he flows into a backward throw and again into a Goose Neck Lock then flows into a Thumb Lock to control PR back up to a standing position following up with a come along Goose Neck Lock then back into a mobility throw. They would then practice the other arm attacking and the other side of the locking series.Lesson 1:Joint locks are opportunistic….one needs to be able to ‘go with the flow’,and have the skill to flow from one lock into anotherin accordance with the energy the opponent is giving you….from standing to the groundand from the ground to standing,with stance work, balance and good body position… and full control at all times!

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