Nihanchi Kata

A short video of the first Kata (Nihanchi) in the American Karate-Do system- Nihanchi Kata -For demonstration purposes onlyas taught bySifu J. R. Roy – 8th degree Black Belt American Karate-DoDemonstrated slowly, without focus, with a slight pause at the end of each posture/gesture- Always consult your physician before beginning any new exercise program –

Adult Karate-Do rank testing 1.22.09

At this Adult Karate-Do rank testing Dennis Gobiel was promoted to Probationary Black Belt. Dennis started training with me at NMH while in high school. He is on JRRMAS Staff, helping with the youth and adult Karate-Do programs

I’ve just started this Studio Blog ( ). This is my second post. I plan to start publishing everything from inspirational quotes to Kata’s (forms), tech, drills, exercises, qigong, pictures, short videos and my own original ideas that come out of my daily practices over the past 34 years.

I’m not sure the frequency for posting new material yet, but at least an ‘lesson’ per week to start with …maybe more…I know some of you have been waiting (patiently) for me to publish for years and I think I’ve finally found a format that works for me..stay tuned for more! I’ll be more inclined to work on the Studio Blog it if it’s being read…so please RSVP me an email or write a ‘comment’ when your in looking at it and please help to pass the word….ok?

My first J. R. Roy Martial Arts Blog

Little Dragons class Fall 2008
Hi everyone…I’m creating this blog to archive some of my martial arts ideas, photos, videos and teachings.

Lesson 1:

My first thought about Martial Arts
is simply that practicing is a ‘way of life’,
it’s something that you do daily (or almost daily),
for as long as you are able to.

Lesson 2:
This brings me to the idea of practicing itself
and what can be learned from successfully developing a life long daily practice.
Cultivating the capacity to practice X many day’s in a row.
Just to be healthy enough, physically, mentally and emotionally to be able to!

The actual goal;
A celebration of human existence….
reveling in it…..
contemplating it…
truly experiencing being alive!

At the JRRMAS we study the human experience through the daily practice of martial arts. We practice internal & external martial arts, weapons, qigong and meditation (I Ch’uan)

“We are spiritual beings having a human experience”

“It’s simple…..Cultivate a curiosity about developing a daily practice”