Brown and Black Belt Rank Testing this coming Saturday March 6 from 9am-12:30(ish)

This coming Saturday March 6th from 9am until finished (approx. 12:30) there will be an advanced rank testing in American Karate-do at JRRMAS.

I have nine students testing for various levels of Brown Belt and one student testing for Probationary Black Belt. These are students that originally started in the Youth Karate-do program and have stuck with it, training and attending classes regularly for nearly a decade and in some cases more than a decade. They are all outstanding students with great attitudes and incredible skill and knowledge of Martial Arts. Come and see for yourselves!

All American Karate-do students, families and friends are formally invited to come and support these outstanding students.
All American Karate-do Black Belts are formally requested to be present and to serve on the board, if at all possible. Please RSVP whether you are to participate or not. Thanks!
Hope to see you all there….bring your camera’s!