Wudang Sword basic Stab practice

Sifu and JRRMAS Staff members WF, SK and BL practice lines of basic Stabs (Thrusts) with Broadswords.Lesson 1:Take any single techniquethe more basic the technique is ….the better!Choose your technique wisely…..One, that is a common denominator to the Art or FormThen…..while paying attention to principles and details repeat the single technique in a line or rowamassing as many repetitions as you have the capacity forRemember the idea is develop and refine …..Changing the way you do the technique should happen daily…Because: Mastery is the goal! Lesson 2:To achieve Mastery in Martial Arts…Correct practice is essential!A basic level that is available to everyone is around 10,000 (correct) repetitionsMastery is only available to those with a life long,regular daily practice and is around 36,000 repetitions!Repeating rows of the basic, is the main practice methodRows makes it relatively easy to repeat the basic 100 or more times in one practice sessionThen the secret is to do that practice daily……It’s amazing how quickly the repetitions will amass!

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