Modern Arnis – double stick against single stick Tapi Tapi

JRRMAS staff member PR and Sifu practice a double stick against a single stick Tapi Tapi (counter their counter) drill that Sifu learned from Chuck Gauss (Thanks Chuck) a few years ago. The drill has an excellent flow to it.Lesson 1:This type of drill trains the sensitivity of your hands, wrists and arms. Training sticks greatly assists in the development of your bodies sensing abilities (Tien Jing – Listening Skill). Once you can feel, follow and lead through the inanimate stick…the skill of listening with just your body will be greatly enhanced.Lesson 2:One of the great gifts from Prof. Presas was the idea that working with a single and double stick serves to speed up the developement of you empty hand skills….The Prof. was absolutely right!

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