An amazing story about one of our students!

This week end one of our best young students Scott M. a Green Belt who also assists with the Youth Karate-Do classes, accomplished an amazing feat for a truly worthwhile cause….outstanding Scott! We are all very proud of you. Those of us that have lost loved ones to cancer (my Dad in 1992) are very grateful and appreciative of you and your teammates efforts…..Go Green Wave!
Why they Relay
The Green Wave Team is comprised of current members, alumni, and friends of the Greenfield High School cross-country and track teams. Last year, one of its freshmen, Scott, asked if some of his friends and teammates could form a Relay For Life team to support his mother, Sharon, who was recovering from breast cancer. The cross-country and track teams had experienced devastating losses during the previous year and the athletes understood the importance of his request. Eli and Luke had lost their father,Ken, during the last weekend of the cross-country season and Marcus lost his younger brother, Logan. Ryan learned that the cancer courageously endured by his mother, Mary, was terminal and CJ and Austin supported their mother, Carlene, as she began her battle against breast cancer. Joined by cross-country and track alumni, the team members decided to run every lap of the Relay For Life. Scott and several other members ran the twenty-six miles that constitutes a marathon distance while most ran at least twenty miles. This year, the Green Wave is running in honor of cancer survivors Carlene and Sharon, and in memory of Ken, Logan, and Mary. Like last year, the team plans to run every lap. Parents and alumni will host a spaghetti supper and meeting of hope and remembrance for team members the night before Relay at Greenfield High School. How can one team experience so much loss? This team has spirit, energy and a serious commitment to run every lap in honor and in memory of their loved ones. Be sure to give them applause (and plenty of water) as they run their way to finding a cure! Go Green Wave!

NOTE: REPRINTED from The Relay News June 2009 edition – Thanks Sharon