Modern Arnis, Redonda and Rompida

What is Redonda in Arnis?

Redonda are a sequence of six circular strikes, performed with both hands, bearing similarity to both Double Zero and Figure Eight strikes. Trapping Hands is the empty hand version of Redonda.

JRRMAS Staff member PR assists student AG by holding sticks as targets for the Redonda and Rompida combination drill he is doing.

Drills like Redonda are a basic component in many styles of Martial Arts. Redonda is also the weapons translation of our ‘Trapping Hands” drills. Rompida (up and down) is also a basic found in all weapons arts. These are tried and true techniques that have come down through the ages.

Striving to reach the minimum standard of 10,000 strokes is a must for all serious practitioners…there is NO substitute for repetitions…..get started today!!

Lesson 1:

Practicing double weapons drills will……

Develop coordination between your right side and your left side…..

it will make your weaker side…… stronger!!

Practicing improves grip strength and shoulder flexibility,

and will….

Connect your foot work, your body

and your arms, into one unified movement, working towards…..

“Whole Body Power”

Lesson 2:

“Always use your waist rotating and your weight shifting when practicing”

“Continue striving to connect your whole body, into….. ‘One’! “

“Everything must be aligned, unified, and balanced, then the movement must be coordinated, so that the whole body starts and stops together, in order to develop……………. Whole Body Power”

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