Calligraphy Workshop a Success!

Ashley Liu and Jack Fox Calligraphy Teachers at JRRMAS
This Saturday, Ashley Liu and Jack Fox taught an intro to calligraphy class in Greenfield at the studio. Ashley Liu is visiting from China, where she works as an art teacher. She likes to teach foreign students calligraphy and other forms of Chinese art, so was excited for this opportunity to work with J.R. Roy Martial Arts Studio. The studio community showed strong support in turn to get this chance to learn calligraphy in Greenfield.
Calligraphy Workshop Students JRRMAS
The 13 students that attended this workshop learned the basic strokes, how to write 空手道 (Karate), and their names in Chinese. As expected of JRRMAS students, everyone put great effort and concentration into this ancient form of art and communication.

Like martial arts, calligraphy takes years of dedicated practice to master. However, as this was most students’ first time with a calligraphy brush, they got off to a good start! Ashley and Jack were duly impressed. Stay tuned for news about more classes this summer!