Congrat’s to all the new 1st and 3rd degree Black Belt’s and the two new Brown Belts and the whole group of new Blue Belts in Modern Arnis – The Prof. is smiling down on us:>)

First row from left:
Colleen G. – Blue Belt 
Teryn C. – Blue Belt 
Scott M. – Blue Belt 
Jack F. – Blue Belt
Thomas P. – Blue Belt
Jeff C. – promoted to Black Belt
Phil R. – promoted to Black Belt
Marcia G. – promoted to 3rd degree Black Belt
Jessica L. – 1st degree Brown Belt
Dennis G. – 1st degree Brown Belt
Second row from left:
David – Blue Belt
Norm L. – Black Belt
John S. – Black Belt
Sifu Roy – 5th degree Black Belt
Luke S. – promoted to 3rd degree Black Belt
Justin L. – promoted to 3rd degree Black Belt
Angus R. – Blue Belt
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