Absolutely awesome American Karate rank testing this evening…wow!

Front row: Peter, (Green belt, honorable mention basics), Lana (Purple belt), Thomas (third degree Brown belt), Colleen (prob. Black belt, honorable mention kata), Mrs. Gobiel
Back row: Sensei Kratz, Mr. Gobiel, Mr. Levesque, Andrew (Blue belt), Scott (second degree Brown belt, honorable mention in all areas), Mr. Milcarek, Teryn (double promotion to prob. Black belt), Ian (Green belt, honorable mention sparring), Mr. Reed, Mr. Chaisson, Sifu Roy
Congratulations to Colleen on her promotion to prob. Black belt. She also received an honorable mention for kata….Incredible forms Colleen. 
Also congratulations to Teryn for his double promotion from second degree Brown belt to prob. Black belt……excellent skill and consistency throughout Teryn.
Scott also had incredible consistency throughout the test…from basics to sparring, SD to kata’s…..excellent skill Scott
Peter really rose to the occasion with his first testing with the adult group…really held his own. His basics were outstanding!
Ian was a force to reckon with during the sparring….great poise, distancing was second to none, and fast, fast hands…great cross Ian!
This was the A group all around…from the lower ranks to the upper ranks …everyone did outstanding! Congratulations to all…..

Snow Removal Qigong

Phil just reminded me about remembering good posture when shoveling ( and snow blowing). Thanks for the reminder Phil!!
Note to myself; You can turn snow removal into great training! Qigong even!! (now that’s a positive spin..eh?) Just use good alignment, leg power instead of the lower back, avoid twisting with snow on the shovel, using stepping instead twisting (kai bu, bei bu), use longevity breathing, change sides often, drink plenty of water and remember to stretch after the ‘snow removal work out’! 
Be safe! 

The Meaning of Life……two

:: Pamper yourself…..

:: Face your fears…..

:: Go to a museum 

:: Exercise

:: Limit television

:: Get in touch with nature…..

:: Lighten up

:: Get a good night’s sleep

:: Read books

:: Buy yourself flowers

:: Don’t compare yourself with others

:: Don’t beat yourself up

:: Be open to new ideas

:: Don’t focus on negative thoughts……

:: Focus on creating what you want

:: Make time just to have fun…..

:: Keep the romance in your life…..

:: Make a gratitude list…..

:: Love your mother earth

:: Want what you have….

:: Be true to yourself….

The Meaning of Life……one

 :: Show Up
 :: Follow your heart
 :: Find a new perspective
 :: Have a sense of wonder……
 :: Find people you love
 :: Set goals….
 :: Help others…
 :: Dance
More to come…….
Note: I recently received an animated video from my diving pal Gerri. She posted this video on YouTube. I was unable to link the video to the studio blog….but I really liked what it said…..so here’s the first installment’s of the text….ponder at will….