Youth American Karate-Do, beginners class, practice side kicks to body shields

Well…I had much difficulty posting today…three failed attempts to upload other videos and 4 hours later, I finally got this one to upload…whew!Lesson 1:The Side Kick is a very powerful kick indeed… it uses two joints, the hip and the knee, unfolding, as in rising from a squat!Initially you when you step up, make sure your supporting foot is pivoted!Then, the best method is to……jump in and….. ‘replace the foot’ To advance, drive the rear knee up,while in the air,drive the kicking knee up,simultaneously land with supporting foot pivoted and kicking foot landing on targetThe advance, the landing and the kick…….. all in one beat!Lesson 2:Remember to drive your kicking knee up highthen, kick from your hip, using your gluts to power-up the kick!Your kicking leg should be straight ‘in line’ with your hip and supporting footMuscle lock the knee …do not lock the bones!Be aware of the ‘Line of Power’!Your supporting foots heel and your kicking foots heel and all that is in between form “One Line” Remember, to keep your balance after the kick has landed and return to a well balanced and defend able position with your hands up!

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