T’ai Chi Ch’uan – solo form – part 4

The morning class and Sifu practice our daily round of the solo form. This is what I’m calling Part Four. From the second Cross Hands to the second Wave Hands Like Clouds. This demonstration, like the earlier Solo Form posts, is to the music, with Grand Master T. T. Liang counting. The music and the counting are meant as training and practice aids They are for intermediate levels of training The highest levels are practiced to the rhythm’s of nature and ones own internal beat.In classes we practice several ways:1. With music and counting 2. Just the music3. To a metronome (with beats and half beats sounding out 4. Without music or counting, using our own internal beat. Lesson 1:Practicing to the music will verify your meditation. If you space out and miss a movement….you will know it at the end of the round….because you’ll have more beats left than you should!!Otherwise, you might think you did all the movesBut ..really…there is NO verification that you actually did!!Thank you Grand Master Laing!Lesson 2:The other purpose I use the music and counting for are for those day’s that I need a little ‘help and support’ for my personal practice….I can always count on Grand Master Liang being there for me …and counting ….One..Two…The sound of his voice alone sets the tone for the meditation…and is inspiring and supportive……. Grand Master Liang never fails to help me jump start my practice…even if I’m struggling…even if I’m feeling down and out!!Thank You Grand Master Liang!!!