Sparrow Hop

JRRMAS student helper SM feeds a Side Kick (light) to White Belt RH so that he can practice the ‘Sparrow Hop’. RH holds a body shield and allows the power of SM’s Side Kick to move his body backward by allowing his front foot to replace his back foot. If it’s a really powerful technique the receiver might have to ‘Hop’ back two or three times in rapid succession.Lesson 1:This practice will help the student to develop the ability to ‘see’ the kick coming and study what it looks like when someone kicks at you. He will get the timing, body movement, distancing, and nuance. In normal life we rarely have a kick (or punch) coming at us…and never in a way that we can really study it. So the body shield (and focus pad) holding is invaluable in ‘seeing’ techniques and thus being able to defend against them.Lesson 2:Holding a body shield for kicks and punches will help the student to emotionally acclimatize to the physical feeling of being kicked, without being hurt. The student will slowly gain confidence and will be able to deal with powerful kicks effectively.