Little Dragons Class meditating

The Little Dragons being led through a lying meditation at the end of class. These students are the youngest students at the Studio (4-6 years old). Lesson: Regular meditation helps one to develop impulse control and teaches the use of Breath Control to adjust negative emotions, especially feelings of fear and anxiety during stressful times….and of course to control negative emotions such as anger and bad temper/attitude. A must for all serious Martial Artists…no matter what age you are! Adults Meditation Practice at JRRMAS is a Standing Post Meditation derived primarily from the I Ch’uan (I=Mind and Ch’uan=Boxing/fist) System. We have several ‘Sets’ that are practiced at the Studio from several of the different Masters that Sifu has trained with over the years. More on the importance of cultivating a daily Meditative Practice to come! “It all starts with the first breath”Sifu