J. R. Roy Seminar – Saturday July 18th – 1:00-5:00pm – Greenfield, MA

Master J. R. Roy (Sifu) would like to invite all of you looking at the Studio Blog to a:

‘Special Training Seminar’
Sifu J. R. Roy
Saturday, July 18th from 1-5pm
Greenfield, MA
$70 non-members (bring 5 and the sixth is free)
$65 for JRRMAS members
JRRMAS Staff members 10% off

Master J. R. Roy (Sifu) will be presenting a “Special” blend of material that will include empty hand and weapons training for skill development and sensitivity training.
He will be teach techniques and drills to help your internal energy cultivation and energy release (Fa Jing) with a “Special” training sequence and auxiliry drills. He will also be teaching a blend of joint locks, disarms, baiting and set ups.

This Seminar is appropriate for students at all levels of development, from beginner to the more advanced and for students from any art, external and internal.

This is a rare opportunity to train with Sifu J. R. Roy and learn the “The art, within your art”

Email me to sign up…..today!

Hope to see you there….


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