COVID-19 Policies

Last Updated: October 4th, 2021

The safety of our students is the most important thing, and with that we will be operating more cautiously than some state regulations. See below for our most recent updates:


Online classes have been paused until further notice.


Masks are required to be in the studio until further notice.  With the current statistics and percentage of folks vaccinated vs not, we will be taking a more cautious approach to mask wearing by requiring they still be worn by all students in the room at all times.  We do keep en eye on trends in the state and county and will regularly re-evaluate, though for the safety of those in the room, we will still require masks for all.


We have be resumed two person work with limited capacity.  Drills such as trapping hands and locks of the wrist and elbows will be allowed once more.  Sparring and grappling or throws that involve direct contact of the core will not be though.  If you are familiar with the mobility throw, this throw and anything that comes closer in proximity will not be allowed.  As is with the masks, we will be re-evaluating as time passes.


There are will continue to be hand sanitizers present throughout the room.  Hands should be sanitized before starting class as well as after class has ended.  This will also be true of beginning and ending a drill with a partner.  Hand sanitizer should also be used after using the restroom and after blowing one’s nose, coughing, or sneezing.


Each day I sanitize all seating as well as training equipment that has been used.  This will continue to be the practice.  If you handle a pad, cane, sword, etc. please continue to place it off to the side of the room underneath the stretching bar to be sanitized before it gets put away.


Per the current norm, if you are not feeling well, please do not come into the studio until you feel well and don’t have a fever.  If you have had contact with someone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19 or are diagnosed yourself and have recently been in the room, please share this information.  I do not share specifics of instances, but do need to ensure the room is properly addressed and sanitized.  We’ve had a few fire drills to date and have been lucky enough to have no COVID-19 exposure in the room to date.


All other general practices will remain in place which include the below:

  1. Socially distance at 6 feet apart whenever possible.  The spacing squares will remain in place and in use wherever applicable as well.
  2. Porous surfaces such as chairs had been removed at the beginning of the pandemic and will remain unused for sanitizing purposes.  
  3. Windows and doors will remain open when able and fans in use to keep air flow moving.
  4. Changing rooms are still not to be used as it puts students in close proximity.  Please show up in your training attire.

I find it remarkable that over a year later, we’re finally able to announce a lifting of restrictions.  Safety does still need to be first and foremost, though I am looking forward to introducing drills we have been unable to do until now.

Everyone involved with the studio is what helps it make it what it is, and if you are a new student or have stuck with us throughout the pandemic, THANK YOU!!  You are all the absolute best!!!

The studio facebook page is being updated regularly with materials to reference for home practice and we encourage you to check in. You can check in at facebook.com/JRRoyMartialArtsStudio/