We Teach the Art Beyond Martial Kicking, Punching, and Self-Defense

J. R. Roy Martial Arts is a 40 year school offering the best of both internal and external martial arts.

Many martial “arts” have degenerated into mere callisthenics and what is easy to teach but lacks the deep power that should inform technique. Master Roy, a member of the Martial Arts World Hall of Fame with 40+ years of full time practice and teaching of five martial arts, transmits to his instructors and students the knowledge and processes by which the power inherent in martial arts transcends your natural ability.

Tai Chi Chuan Master RoyEven the seemingly least martial of the five arts taught here, T’ai Chi, has tremendous martial power hidden in its graceful healing moves, and our school reveals that power. You will understand and manifest the inherent purpose in T’ai Chi’s fluent movements.

Karate Ground Technique

On the other end of the outwardly martial spectrum, J. R. Roy’s Karate goes way beyond kicking and punching: we teach effective self defense, including ground techniques that are informed by the best of the other martial arts.


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“In my 25 years of martial arts with such greats as Hall of Famer Larry Kelley and Jae Hun Kim (#1 student of the founder of modern Tae Kwon Do), I learned a ton, but at J.R. Roy’s I discovered that I had practiced mostly sport, not art. I’ve been awakened to the power of grace–that is the art–in techniques, and I’ve learned many great new techniques too. I wish I had joined the school 35 years ago, and I am so glad I found my way here at last.”
— Rob, age 54, Blue Belt,
Filipino Modern Arnis
(in photo below)

Martial Arts Test at JR Roy's in Greenfield MA

  • Experience how martial arts connects the physical, the mental, and the spiritual.
  • Gain strength through relaxation, proper body mechanics, and a focused mind.
  • Achieve maximum effect from your effort.
  • Enjoy greater flexibility, patience, power, health, security, and serenity.

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