World T’ai Chi Day April 26, 2014 @ the Franklin County Fairground

We didn’t have the best of weather for this years World Tai Chi Day event at the Franklin County Fairgrounds. But we did have 25 or so hearty T’ai Chi players and a few beginners show up for the 10am practice/demo. I was also pleased to see a few students for other T’ai Chi groups, notably a couple of students from Marcia Gobiel’s Wendell group and several from Debra Pell Yaffee group too!

Many personal thanks to Phil Ringwood, of Dial/Self for co-sponsoring the World T’ai Chi Day event again this year and for all the effort they put into making this event happen…..Even in the rain! The little tent was a nice touch Phil;^)
Dial/Self = Awesome!!
Please donate to Dial/Self. They are truly one of the things that makes the quality of life in Franklin County what it is.

Photo credit to Phil Tomlinson