Personal Safety Seminar for High Shool and College students

Genna after her first promotion to White Belt – Fall 2008

A JRRMAS Staff member and I had a meeting this morning with three students from Lisa Moore’s class at Greenfield High School. The purpose was to assist them to organize a single class for GHS Senior girl’s who are getting ready to go away to college. The topic for the class is how they can stay safe.
What kind of information would you like to send along with a daughter, granddaughter, sister or friend, for their first year of College Life??
One idea that comes to mind, is to start preparing them at a young age! Train them to increase awareness, self-control and accountability. Train them to develop the strength necessary to stand up for themselves, set limits with others (themselves too) and the strength to say NO when they need to.
Saying NO is not just about sex!
Send along any ideas that you may have on the subject…..all feedback is welcomed!
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